Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Everyday when students walk into our classroom there is a journal prompt on the board for them to address. I ask for them to write at least a half a page each day. I try to mix up the prompts and different styles of writing. Students seem to get really excited for photo prompts- and usually some really interesting stories follow suit. Students also really seem to love free write Friday's. Usually on Friday's my free write usually consists of a to-do list. I always write along with my students. Today I am typing this! :)

Today's journal prompt is:
In English, writers generally use ah-choo to describe the sound made by a sneeze. In Russian, the sound in ap-chi. In Chinese, it is han-chee. In Czechoslovakian, its kychnuti.

Create five more ways to describe a sneeze. Then use them all in a paragraph with someone with allergies. 

I saw this prompt in an "Un-journaling" book and loved it! When the prompt went up on the board I immediately had students in my class who spoke another language want to share how to describe a sneeze in their language! One of my students who speaks Chinese at home even corrected the spelling of the prompt's description from "han-chee" to "hut-tee".  It was so much fun! One of my students who speaks fluent Arabic took a while to translate how his dad would describe his sneeze. He does not know who to write or read Arabic. He finally determined that it is ah tshw!  We even all described a sneeze sound at the same time like a Sneeze Symphony!

How would you describe your sneeze?


  1. Cool idea! I asked my friend if there's an Albanian word for it, but sadly there's not.
    My blog site is

  2. What a cool idea! I love the idea of the sneeze symphony too! :)

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