Thursday, March 3, 2016


My father is extremely superstitious. It has been something that, as a family, we discovered slowly and of course, as any supportive family would do, like to poke the bear when we can! :) He HATES the number 13. He won't sit at any sporting event in a 13th seat, 213th section, or even 31 (13 backwards). My favorite story about my dad's superstition happened on January 1st, 2014 at 12:01 am when my mother went to kiss her love for a New Year's kiss. He made a huge sigh before leaning in and expressed, "We made it! It's over!" Eluding to the 2013th year!

My goodness. Phew! But I've decided that I have caught that little bug. I don't like to look up things before they happen. I do not like to talk about somethings before they have happened, before they are final! For example, when my students were pulling ahead in our Battle of the Books win yesterday (read my other blog post about the battle :) ) I wanted to look up when the finals took place so that I could clear my schedule but I did not want to jinx them before they officially won.

What got me thinking about my superstitious tendencies, is the potential snow-day tomorrow! I hope I do not jinx it by blogging about it, looking up the weather, or, heaven-forbid, talking about it! 

I always believe that there is a special energy to each person, each action, and each thought. I'm nearly certain that kind of energy is exuded into the world and can tamper with what is going to be. 
It is the same kind of energy as positive thought! Positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative, and more happiness.  It is extremely powerful and something I've learned to work towards. I believe in the power of thought. And it can be a compelling tool. 

With all of that being said, I'm still hoping for a snow day tomorrow to catch up on laundry, reading, and cuddling with my dogs!


  1. I'm thinking postitive thoughts, I hope you get the snow day!

  2. We haven't had a snow day at all this year. I just want one, but it is not looking promising. At this point I will even settle for a late start or early out because of the weather. Oh well, at least we won't have to make it up after Memorial Day. Good luck with the Battle of the Books

  3. OK, so I know who to blame if we don't have one! LOL!!! Here's to cuddling times with your dogs!

  4. I come from a very superstitious, Scottish family. I've always scoffed at such silliness. But then there's the spilled salt on the counter...

  5. I come from a very superstitious, Scottish family. I've always scoffed at such silliness. But then there's the spilled salt on the counter...

  6. I am not superstitious, but still love the many ways people try to magic snow days into happening. One teacher at our school gets her students to wear their pajamas inside out the night we think it might snow. Another swears by flushing ice cubes down the toilet. This year we had our only snow day after a transplant from the East coast persuaded her sister back home to do a snow dance for us. One time when we had a snow WEEK, it happened right after my homeroom had produced an astounding number of paper snowflakes, so for a few years I tried re-creating those conditions.

  7. It's funny the little things we pick up from our parents. I say I'm not superstitious, but ... Hope you get that snow day you are wishing for. Or did I just jinx it all too?

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