Friday, March 6, 2015

Daybreak- my version of it

I would love to say that I am a morning person. There is something about morning that I found alluring. I find the quiet, peaceful daybreak- a reminder that every day is a fresh start, an opportunity to take the time to add something different and meaningful into your 24.  But when my alarm goes off, and I'm ashamed to say at 7 o'clock, I cringed at the thought of disentangling my body beneath my grey, heaven-like comforter and feel the numbing, winter air. -- as if I sleep outside!--  So I usually stay beneath the sheets- distinctly separated from the new day. 
Luckily, today on our 12th snow day, I was able to sleep in until the harsh sounds of bathroom desperation, barking seeped through the walls from the next bedroom.  There is still morning light left. Still a reminder of the new day. And still time to delight in the future soon upon us. 

I think Murphy likes the morning sun as well and appreciates my efforts to let him enjoy it. 


  1. Morning sun is beautiful!!! Happy #12!

  2. Your dogs are adorable! And the best part of the snow is getting to get back into bed after walking the dogs. Enjoy the day!

  3. I love your pups! So cute! I, too, experienced a furry wake up call this morning. We do it because we love them, hah!

  4. Enjoyed reading about your sunny slow starting snow day!
    I love snow days!

  5. Took me a moment to decipher, I understood bathroom desperation, but barking seeping through the walls made me stop and rethink my schema. Then, light bulb and I understood with clarity. We all have our own version of the best morning. Loved the glimpse into yours.

  6. I so wish I was a morning person too. The sunrise, the quiet ... but my body just curls up under the blankets for just five more minutes. (And then five more ... and so on.) Your morning sounds perfect to me -- love this: "So I usually stay beneath the sheets- distinctly separated from the new day."

  7. It's funny how now that I'm retired I've become more of a morning person than when work demanded my presence daily. My coffee taste better now. Maintaining my calendar of fun events is a breeze and working on home projects are actually energizing now! There's still 24 hours in a day but lately who's counting?

    1. Yeah I have a while until I can retire.. but I do have summers-- so I guess I'll just enjoy those like a mini-retirement! :)