Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Murphy Belt

As I type, I have on what my dad calls, "The Murphy belt". Stretched across my body is a furry, white mass of puppy too adorable for words. 

I have always loved dogs. In elementary school, in Gahanna,Ohio as a first grader, I once wrote, "I love my mom because she lets me ride my dog around the house." What a great sentiment however, I never had a dog. Believe it or not I drew a picture to further accompany the tale in my head. 

It wasn't until I was in a new state and a new school when my parents finally caved and got me my first dog, Charlie. I enjoyed his companionship for 18 years.  He passed last year. 

In January, 2014, I decided just to casually browse the adoption websites and look for puppies that need a home and I fell in love. His name is Murphy. His short white hair, chestnut patched eye, and adorable little spots suckered me right in! I just had to have him. 

I want to say that it was a Sunday when I sent in my application and by the next Sunday, I had my little bundle of joy all the way from New Hampshire. 
He changed my life. He saved me.  He was a ray of sunshine through the night, the fog, and the clouds.  
Here's to the little Murph Man- the day after National Puppy Day! 


  1. So cute! Pets do have healing powers over their humans. I used to have a cocker spaniel named Murphy too. Love the Murphy belt, I totally get it.

  2. Murphy is beautiful!!!!

  3. Hello Murphy! I've missed you.

    I've never met such a lovable puppy that can steal your heart the instant you meet him and the next instant clear a room as if he was on a pogo stick.

    Don't be fooled by the resting belt. You need to be resting too for the instant he opens his eyes. Your next adventure is about to begin.