Friday, March 27, 2015


Dog post day 2. Because now I have two dogs. Gunner is a goofball. In his heart, he is kind, gentle, playful, and curious. But his body is large, clumsy, and relentless when searching for his next treat. He does the most peculiar things. 
He thinks at 100 pounds that he is a lap dog. I assure you, he is not. 

But he is loyal, kind, and loving.  We would be lonely without him.


  1. We have two labs. Your post made me smile. Our dogs think they are lap dogs too. They are also forever longing for that next treat.

  2. Don't all dogs think they belong on your lap? I love that he is nearly hidden by all the pillows.

  3. Hello Gunner - we haven't met yet but we are kindered spirits. I was lucky to have two amazing labs and my male lab was a lover boy. He, too, would sit in my lap and exhale as if all his fears and worries left him in the comfort of my arms.

    I know you're not allowed on the bed and we can all see you behind those pillows but we're not telling, you sweet lover boy!

  4. A 100 lb. lap dog. That's hysterical! Totally made me chuckle.

    Gunner looks like a real sweetheart. Even if he is a little big for your lap.

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