Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March Madness

As I was introduced to the Slice of Life writing challenge, I thought, "This is great! I will finally be able to begin the blogging life style that I have been secretly admiring." But then I think, the idea of blogging, publishing your inner thoughts on the interweb- yikes!  I've discovered it takes courage, dedication, and, let's be honest, creativity! 
With all of our snow days, grading, lesson planning, and life I thought March was further away! We aren't starting until March? Great! I have plenty of time to get my thoughts together. But here I am 4 days late on my first post! 

So buckle up, readers. Blogging will be in full force now that my internal clock is also acknowledging that it IS in fact, March

Commence blogging! 


  1. Yes! March is here and June is just around the corner. Thanks for getting me motivated!

  2. Glad you've jumped into the pool of blogging. This month will give you lots of practice and an appreciation of what we ask of kids every day. Welcome!

  3. I have never stopped and thought about the amount of courage it would take to write your own blog! But you are right, this publication of your thoughts and feelings really is a very open and vulnerable way of sharing yourself with others. I look forward to getting a peek into the innermost workings of your beautiful mind!

  4. Hahaha!! I'm so glad you're here!!!!!!